Student work - Placement programme

Τhe department participates in a Student Work Placement or Work Experience Internship Programme which concerns theatre in education, connecting education, theatre and society and giving students valuable work experience. This programme is realized with the collaboration of social and cultural institutions and authorities in Argolis Prefecture and well established Theatre Institutions and Groups beyond it, such as The National Theatre, The Benaki Museum, Simeion Theatre and many others Our Students’ Work Placement Programme in the field of Theatre in Education provides a contact-point between higher education and society through the collaboration of our department with primary and secondary schools of the Municipality of Argolis. It must be stressed that the Work Placement or Internship Programme is relevant also to the artistic specializations of the Department (i.e. directing, acting, dance, scenic-costume design).
So far, our students have been placed in the following organizations in the framework of the Internship Programme we run:
· The National Theatre of Greece
·Amphitheatre of Spyros A. Evangelatos
· The Experimental Stage of the Greek National Theatre
· The Benaki Museum
· The Peloponnesian Folk Art Museum
·The 2nd Primary School of Nafplion and 4th Primary School of Nafplion [Nailse]
· The 5th Primary School of Argos
· The non-profit cultural organization “Lathos Kinisi (Wrong Movement)”
· The non-profit cultural organization “Entropia”
· The Theatre group “Okypous”· The Theatre group “Sxedia”
· The 1st Primary School of Argos
· Nafplion Municipal Theatre
· The 1st High School of Argos
· The Dance group “Amagalma”
· Konstantinos Zamanis, Stage designer-Costumier
· Theatre “Nea Skene”
· Research and Practical Applications Centre of the Ancient Greek Drama - “Desmi”
· Non-profit urban arts organization “Omicron2”
· Non-profit urban arts organization “KINITIRAS chorotheama”,
· “Europa films” and Kostas Papavramides
· Theatre “OMMA STUDIO”
· General State Archives, Archives of the Prefecture of Argolis
· Elli Papageorgakopoulou, Stage designer-Costumier
· Cultural Association “Roes”· Theatre “Versus”
· Non-profit urban organization “Saltimpagoi”
· “Theseum Ensemble” [Theatre group]
· [Film Production] “NIKS movies” and Nikos Sekeris


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